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Animal Farm Veterinary Hospital

It has been operating since 1990 with the policy of being a veterinary hospital with international standards in treating all types of animals. and desires to see pet care in Thailand meet international standards for the goal of preserving the lives and health of animals as the number one priority All veterinarians have been trained and visited both domestically and internationally. Practice specific skills Its aim is to provide well-equipped facilities with experienced staff, offering pet best practices and clear communication for pet owners.

Internal Medicine

Provide advice on disease prevention and vaccinations in dogs and cats. Providing services for treating sick animals internal medicine according to various systems In addition to the availability of locations and modern equipment for diagnosis The hospital has continuously increased the potential of veterinarians. By encouraging veterinarians to attend training in various courses related to internal medicine both in the country and abroad.

The most common diseases in sick animals that are diagnosed and treated in the internal medicine unit are: Hematopoietic disease, infectious disease, measles, canine enteritis, renal failure, liver failure, chronic vomiting and diarrhea, diabetes, bronchitis, pneumonia, gallstones, cystitis. pancreatitis cat celiac disease, cat flu and feline AIDS, etc.


Considering safety first with general anesthesia intravaginal The use of tracheal tube insertion and anesthesia considered very important in the asphyxiation control because they have to control the depth of the sleeping sibling for the highest safety of the younger whether to prevent pain from occurring Prevents deep sleep until it is born and does not recover. Controlling the proper breathing frequency And to have enough oxygen while he is unconscious throughout the surgery.


Puppies and cats should be vaccinated for the first time at 2 months of age. After about 3-4 weeks of vaccination, immunity is built gradually, so we need to re-vaccinate so that the immunity is high enough to prevent disease. And the last dose should be given when the cubs are past 4 months of age. During the vaccination period, the puppies should not be taken out of the area at risk of infection. and let the young animal meet only other healthy and vaccinated pets.


Due to the hot and humid weather in Thailand for people and animals, it may cause sickness. But did you know that external parasites like ticks and fleas are heavenly? Therefore, we need to know ticks and fleas first. To prevent our dogs and cats from accidentally becoming both home and food for them. The life cycle and pathogenesis of fleas and ticks varies from species to species. which pet owners should learn about these parasites To prevent and find a cure for dog ticks, including getting rid of cat ticks and effective elimination of cat fleas However, for ticks in cats, the chances of encountering them are very low. Except for ticks from dogs So which house has both dogs and cats together? It is important to take care of dog ticks and get rid of cat fleas on a regular basis.


If the owner has to travel upcountry or abroad for several days and do not want to leave the pet at home alone can bring children You can come to use the pet care service at our hospital. And rest assured that your favorite pet will be happy and safe while you are on long journeys.

Pet express

Pick-up service (Pet Express)Off-site service for the convenience of the owner. The hospital has a shuttle service for owners who are unable to travel. Owner can be trusted in hospital safety standards Because the inside of the car consists of Collars, leashes and moving cages have to clean Regular protection against fleas and germs