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Due to the hot and humid weather in Thailand for people and animals, it may cause sickness. But did you know that external parasites like ticks and fleas are heavenly? Therefore, we need to know ticks and fleas first. To prevent our dogs and cats from accidentally becoming both home and food for them. The life cycle and pathogenesis of fleas and ticks varies from species to species. which pet owners should learn about these parasites To prevent and find a cure for dog ticks, including getting rid of cat ticks and effective elimination of cat fleas However, for ticks in cats, the chances of encountering them are very low. Except for ticks from dogs So which house has both dogs and cats together? It is important to take care of dog ticks and get rid of cat fleas on a regular basis.

life cycle


  • mating on the dog
  • Female tick with belly full of eggs Suck blood until he’s fat and then throw himself down from the dog to lay eggs on the ground.
  • The eggs hatch into larvae (6 legs) looking for a dog and then landing on the island to suck the blood.
  • The larvae when sucking the dog’s blood until they are full will come off the dog (2nd time) and molt and grow into the middle age (with 8 legs).
  • The middle-aged waits for the dog to come to the island to suck the dog’s blood.
  • When sucking blood until the adult body is dropped from the dog (3rd time) and molts into an adult (with 8 legs)


Fleas remain on the animal for life. If it leaves the animal, it will eventually die.


Ticks grow on the ground. Then wait for our pet’s chance to come back up on the animal to suck blood and breed. Fleas are jumping from one animal to another.

The danger given


  • Ticks can carry hematopoietic disease. (Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Hepatozoonosis, Anaplasmosis), which can cause various problems such as anemia, liver disease, kidney disease, etc. Symptoms that are often observed are lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, fever, pale gums or tongue, nosebleeds. etc.
  • skin allergy problems


  • Cucumber tapeworm disease
  • Fleas can cause helminthiasis, especially in cats.
  • skin allergy problems
  • Anemia

prevention and elimination

Ever wondered if cat fleas come back? What causes dog ticks? Why can’t all the drops and injections and ticks go away? Because the tick leaves the animal to hide in the environment itself. Therefore, to get rid of ticks to be effective, all must be done both the animal and the environment You can easily get rid of dog ticks at home, here are some home tick control methods that you can try yourself.

There are currently several methods for treating dog ticks by controlling ticks on pets. using various forms of medication such as

  • Spray medicine. This method is effective and fast, suitable for many cases of fleas and ticks.
  • Flea drops for cats and dogs or flea and tick drops Drops or back drops are an easy and convenient solution for preventive use or in the case of minor tick bites.
  • Monthly or three-month oral pills
  • Other forms, such as bath mixes Powders or shampoos may be less effective.
  • flea and tick collar

It may be necessary to learn how to use it correctly and safely, or it may be necessary to consult a veterinarian before use.

  • environmental address control
  • It is important to control and eliminate ticks on all dogs that are kept in the same area or nearby.
  • Avoid environments infested with fleas.
  • You should continue to prevent fleas and ticks every month.