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sterilization surgery

Sterilization has the advantage of reducing the incidence of reproductive diseases. In severe cases, it can develop cancer. Reduce the incidence of uterine inflammation reduce the incidence of breast tumors And if a vasectomy before the first estrus can reduce the incidence of breast tumors by 95% and prostate enlargement in males. reduce aggressive behavior reduce escape behavior and urinating in the male dog, and finally, sterilization is a permanent contraception. Help reduce the stamping of stray dogs in another way.

Sterilization is therefore beneficial for the dog’s health in relation to various diseases. and the decreased aggressive behavior of the dogs made the relationship between the dog and the dog owner peaceful. Neutering is also social as it reduces the rate of stray dogs.

How is sterilization done?

Female A vasectomy is the removal of all of the uterus and ovaries. which need to open the abdomen

In males, sterilization is the removal of both the testicles and the epididymis.

Therefore, neutered pets must be in good health. not anemic because anesthesia is required Before the surgery, you should have a blood test to check your health that your body is ready for anesthesia safely If the body is in good health before sterilization 1 day, should abstain from food and water 8-12 hours before the surgery.

And after sterilization surgery, postoperative incisions must be made. The wound should be treated as directed by the veterinarian. Take care of the wound not to get wet. Don’t get infected, don’t lick the wound, don’t dirty the wound. Collars can be used to lick each other, and if the wound is normal, stitches can be cut within 7-10 days after surgery.

side effects of vasectomy

Sterilization will lower hormones. Make you fat because the metabolism in the body is reduced. activities was also reduced This makes neutered pets more likely to gain weight and gain weight. Owners can control their weight by choosing the right food. and try to get the pet to exercise as well

Another side effect is Urinary incontinent is often found in female dogs. This is caused by hormonal changes that cause the urethra and bladder to malfunction. But this condition is rare. which can also be cured